Guidance through the turbulence



At ASG, we view airline market and competitive turbulence as an opportunity to strengthen your commercial strategy.

Your airline needs expert data analysis and strategic planning to overcome the commercial challenges you face every day. Competition and an ever-changing global environment make it difficult to step outside of your daily operations to pilot your organization into a strong position.

That’s why we partner with you.
Our ASG | AIRLINE STRATEGY GROUP consultants will help you fortify your airline to withstand the turbulence you face. Our proven professionals empower airlines to develop successful commercial airline strategies. ASG AIRLINE SOLUTIONS™ include Commercial & Strategic PlanningRevenue Optimization, Sales & DistributionProduct & Retailing, Strategic Airline Partnerships, and Cargo & Logistics. You will benefit from our airline strategists’ decades of experience at major airline carriers and highly recognized air transport consultancies. We help your airline fly above today’s turbulence. Let’s develop opportunities to improve your airline’s revenue and competitiveness.

ASG is a commercial airline specialist consulting firm with deep industry expertise. We love to help airlines of all models and from all regions.

We help our airline clients become better pilots of their companies.

Turbulence. Before takeoff, every pilot surveys their routes and carefully analyzes the radar and forecasts.

Pilots have the structure, technology, analytics, expertise, and experience to anticipate inevitable turbulence ahead so they can efficiently and safely navigate through alternate paths. We help airlines like yours determine the optimal routes so your airline revenue can arrive on schedule at a more profitable destination. ASG helps you become a better “pilot” of your organization.

What does your airline need most to overcome the turbulent challenges you face?

Learn about how ASG delivers customized airline solutions.

ASG offers clients direct access to industry specialists who first developed their expertise in management positions at leading airlines and then consulted worldwide with highly successful results for airlines of all sizes and models. Because ASG is lean and agile, our team is uniquely positioned to deliver rapid analysis and action plans. Between our discussions with your management and our deep understanding of the industry context, we will quickly develop a robust understanding of your airline’s needs. You will receive winning solutions to help you secure a profitable position in our complex and often volatile industry.


What we do

We know what it takes to deliver client success anywhere in the world.

ASG focuses on specific aspects of airline commercial strategy, from network and fleet planning to revenue management and distribution strategies to joint ventures and other strategic airline partnerships. We are expert commercial airline strategists, quickly grasping client needs to produce high-value results.

We are seasoned industry and consulting veterans who have lived the reality of managing the revenue side of airlines, as well as running successful network, revenue, and partnership consulting engagements.

ASG Airline Solutions

Learn how we empower airlines to conquer complex challenges.

Network & Schedule Planning

Fleet Assignment Modeling

Airlines with strategic niche-based business models thrive. ASG’s NorthStar Commercial Strategy helps your commercial departments develop successful plans to position your unique role in this complex industry.

Pricing Strategy

Inventory Management

Effective execution of pricing and revenue management strategies and tactics requires a combination of art, science, and disciplined methodologies. Call to explore solutions with our experienced airline consultants.

Sales Planning

Distribution Strategy

Sales teams represent the front-line of the commercial organization. We partner with clients to arm their sales organizations with relevant data and analytical resources that are key to executing any successful commercial strategy.

Product Proposition

Ancillary Revenue

Offer an enticing array of choices that customers expect from airlines, increasing your relevancy and connection with them.

M&A Synergies

Joint Ventures & Alliances

Let’s build your strategic global partnerships—from codeshares to alliances to joint ventures—to improve your global reach.

Network Planning

Demand Forecasting

Struggling to adapt to the rapid evolution our industry’s unprecedented growth? We can help your airline!


Who we are

Senior airline management and consulting experience

We are a team of airline industry professionals who have collaborated on commercial projects for many years. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from decades of our management experience and insights as airline strategists and leaders with major airline and international aviation consulting experience. ASG consultants deliver the intelligent data analysis, strategic planning, forecasting, and relationship building that you need to gain an edge on your competitors. We’re eager to contribute to your growth and future competitiveness, so please contact us to talk about your airline’s challenges.

David Bishko, Managing Director, AIRLINE STRATEGY GROUP (ASG)
David Bishko

Managing Director

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Years of Aviation Experience

Our career experience affords us unique insights and lessons to share with you.

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Successful Client Engagements

Our team has partnered with clients across the globe to unlock significant incremental revenue.

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ASG helps clients achieve substantial revenue increases with exceptional bottom-line results.

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Why we do this work

By increasing your profitability and long-term competitive business model, we make a measurable impact in bringing our world closer together.

We love the work we do because we enjoy helping our airline clients bring people together all over the world. Few industries have the impact that air transport professionals do in supporting nearly 90 million jobs globally and a $3.5 trillion contribution to GDP.

Throughout our careers, ASG consultants have made significant impacts on the airline industry, having led projects ranging from large carriers to the smallest emerging airlines.

ASG’s consultants will guide you to develop the commercial strategies you need by drawing on our insights on trends, data analytics, and modeling skills. We’ll share our talents and tools so we can help you maximize revenue. Our aviation consultants are highly responsive and cost competitive so you can get started realizing the revenue you need now with a solid plan for your company’s future success.

Please reach out so that we can explore opportunities to help your organization prosper.

ASG | AIRLINE STRATEGY GROUP Partners with Clients to Help You Succeed.

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